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  • Hiccupps: Testing is not the Goal
    The Association for Software Testing is crowd-sourcing a book, Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester, which aims to provide responses to common questions and statements about testing from a context-driven perspective It's being edited by Lee Hawkins who is posing questions on Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and the AST mailing list and then collating the replies, focusing on practice over
  • Hiccupps: Testing and Syntax
    The other day I got tagged on a Twitter thread started by Wicked Witch of the Test about people with a background in linguistics who’ve ended up in testing That prompted me to think about the language concepts I've found valuable in my day job, then I started listing them, and then realised how many of them I've mentioned here over the years
  • Weekly XPath CSS Selector Challenge (Aquabot Testing . . .
    Challenge: Setup a locator using XPath or CSS Selector that will identify the 3rd X or Tick symbol in the list that appears under the Demo Contact Form The locator should identify the element regardless of if the symbol is currently a cross or tick Comment below with your answer This will be the last…

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