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  • Alberta Labour Relations Board - Union matters for . . .
    Labour Relations Board Designated as the Employment Standards Appeal Body On October 24, 2018 the Lieutenant Governor in Council issued an Order in Council designating the Labour Relations Board as the Employment Standards Appeal Body in accordance with section 69(1)(b) of the Employment Standards Code The Order in Council is effective January 1, 2019 and the Labour Relations Board will
  • Alberta Labour Relations Code Practitioner’s Manual . . .
    The Alberta Labour Relations Code Practitioner’s Manual is an annual subscription service, updated throughout the year, which contains an annotated version of the Alberta Labour Relations Code as well as a full set of Alberta Labour Relations Board application forms, rules of procedure, voting rules, and all information bulletins Last updated: 2017
  • Guide to Albertas Labour Laws - Alberta Labour Relations . . .
    Introduction to the Guide to Alberta's Labour Laws
  • Labour | Alberta. ca
    Ensures Alberta has a skilled workforce and safe, thriving workplaces to keep growing our economy Alberta has made significant changes to its occupational health and safety (OHS) laws New OHS laws help keep workers healthy and safe New workplace laws will protect the rights of hardworking
  • Canadian Labour Laws: Including Labour Relations Codes And . . .
    Canadian Labour Laws: Both Federal and Provincial Laws Canadian labour laws cover all employees in Canada with the majority (approximately 90%) covered under provincial labour laws The remainder are covered under federal labour law through the Canada Labour Code
  • Labour Relations Foundations | Queens University IRC
    Our flagship program for 80 years, Labour Relations Foundations is widely acknowledged as Canada’s number one learning experience of its kind There is no better place to develop foundational skills in collective bargaining, grievance mediation, and arbitration in just five days
  • Alberta labour board certifies union after hotel fires . . .
    For the first time since being granted new authority by the province, the Alberta Labour Relations Board has certified a union after an employee was fired while leading a union drive
  • On Bill 148′s Labour Relations Act Reforms, Little to Get . . .
    On Bill 148′s Labour Relations Act Reforms, Little to Get Excited Over After much fanfare and public consultation, the Changing Workplaces Review was released in May 2017 Some 150 pages of that report was devoted to the Labour Relations Act and the mission of reinventing collective bargaining to extend its reach to vulnerable, precarious workers employed in non-standard employment settings

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