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    1 LABOUR RELATIONS CODE Chapter L-1 Table of Contents 1 Definitions 2 Delegation of Minister’s and Director’s responsibilities 3 Witnesses 4 Application of Act Part 1 Communication and Education 5 Powers of the Minister and dissemination of information 6 Multi-sector advisory council 7 Round-table conference Part 2 Labour Relations Division 1
  • Alberta Labour Relations Board - Union matters for . . .
    What does the ALRB do? The Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB) is an independent and impartial tribunal responsible for the day-to-day application and interpretation of Alberta's labour laws
  • Card-Based Certification and Other Key Changes to the . . .
    This is the second article in our three-part series highlighting recent changes to Alberta’s labour and employment legislation Here we focus on changes to Alberta’s labour relations regime
  • Copies of the and the Police printing on the Board’s . . .
    5 Labour Relations in Alberta The Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) administers the Labour Relations Code (“the Code”), the Public Service Employee Relations Act (“the PSERA”) and the Police Officers Collective Bargaining Act (“the POCBA”) This legislation applies to most unionized employees in the
  • Employment Standards Code changes | Alberta. ca
    Overview Alberta’s Employment Standards Code provides minimum standards of employment that apply to the majority of employers and employees in the province, with the exception of those working in federally regulated industries The Code applies to approximately 85% of all employment relationships in Alberta Alberta’s workplaces have evolved since the Employment Standards Code was last
  • On Bill 148′s Labour Relations Act Reforms, Little to Get . . .
    On Bill 148′s Labour Relations Act Reforms, Little to Get Excited Over After much fanfare and public consultation, the Changing Workplaces Review was released in May 2017 Some 150 pages of that report was devoted to the Labour Relations Act and the mission of reinventing collective bargaining to extend its reach to vulnerable, precarious workers employed in non-standard employment settings
  • Alberta labour board certifies union after hotel fires . . .
    For the first time since being granted new authority by the province, the Alberta Labour Relations Board has certified a union after an employee was fired while leading a union drive
  • Workplace legislation changes | Alberta. ca
    Overview Alberta has some of the oldest workplace legislation in Canada The Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code were not significantly updated for almost 30 years The nature of work and family life has changed a lot in that time

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